Stop Being Sad And Start Being Happy. Here’s How You Can Start Now.

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Thought Catalog

How can you attain happiness? Well let the people on this Quora thread help. Give thanks, love more, and smile often.


1. Grace Tang

Avoid hedonic adaptation, i.e. the phenomenon whereby people tend to return to a baseline level of happiness (or lack thereof) no matter what happens in your life. While this protects us from prolonged depression after losing say a limb or a loved one, it also works to erode the initial happiness we experience when we buy a shiny new car or win the lottery.

One way to avoid adaptation is to seek many small rewards instead of a big one. For example don’t buy your entire home theater system at once – first upgrade your big screen, THEN your speakers, and add the la-Z-boy a while later.

Also, a lot of happiness is derived from the anticipation before obtaining a reward. Try to space out…

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