The Frank Effect



Sorry that it’s been awhile, but hey, you can’t say that I didn’t warn you that I have a crazy life. First off, let me say WOW, I am so shocked over the response I received over my last post. I was seriously expecting maybe a total of three people to ever read this- one being my mom and the two others being random friends that I forced into reading it. That post had over a 100 views in 24 hours and my blog has officially gone international!! Thanks Canadian and European readers. Yeah, this sounds like nothing to some of you big-wigs out there but it’s a big deal to me. I like to know that my point of view, my issues are reaching to some people. It’s humbling, it truly is. I don’t want to write about anything too depressing for this because break ups suck the big one in terms of a good mood. I’m trying to  be diverse so I thought I would do a………………….


I understand if you no longer want to read any further into this post, but I’ve used this particular product once and feel that it already deserves a review (a sign I should probably not be doing this, who knows I may break out in hives tomorrow and post a “DO NOT BUY” rebuttal). What is this product? You may have heard of it. The Aussies know what’s up in terms of fashion, life and body scrubs. Frank Body Scrub is a coffee based body scrub that is recommended to be used twice weekly. When it comes to buying anything from the norm, I’m a skeptic. I stumbled across Frank while drooling over the TODIEFOR Frankie’s Bikinis on Instagram. Frank and Frankie were holding a contest of some sort (of course I lost) where if you regram a pic you’re up for a free bikini and 6 months of Frank Body Scrub. Damn I’m so upset I lost. I was in it for the bikini, but now I would be in it for my new boy, Frank. Frank’s marketing strategy is golden. It’s targeted towards twenty-somethingyearold females, marketing with hashtags like #thefrankeffect #letsbefrank. Frank begs to get naked and “dirty” with you, and addresses you by the ever so sexy “babe.” I like it. Obviously, considering I caved in and bought it. But why did I buy it?

I have this lovely skin condition on arms known as keratosis pilaris (and by lovely I mean annoying as fuck). You may know it by it’s street name which I will only say once because it sounds DISGUSTING “chicken skin.” It’s 100% genetic, all of my siblings have it (THANKS MOM AND DAD), and when you ask your dermatologist what can be done about it, his/her reply will be: nothing. To give you a picture keratosis pilaris looks like red goose bumps or something. Very rash-like. As stated earlier, my arms are affected. You may or may not be aware that summer is around the corner. Summer is hot. Hot means I wear tank tops. I’ve been working out and have some bicep/tricep/delt action going on that deserves to be shown off. This damn keratosis pilaris is really harshing my style. So, I found Frank. Frank says he can help with cellulite and eczema. Keratosis pilaris is a side effect of eczema. DINGDINGDINGDINGDING. I may have found the solution to my dilemma. Left click, MINE!

It was an agonizing week-long wait. Not really, but why not sound dramatic. Today started sucky. I cried over the ex (sad face), then drug myself to work. The day got better when I met my bestie for drinks and then we pulled out our high school yearbooks…ohmygod. It’s a wonder I had any friends then. Because I rock my life, grandma style, I was headed home by 10:30 (on a Friday night, YEAH!). There was a lovely package waiting for me! My next task was to make Frank’s dreams come true and take him to the shower with me.

Post shower-my skin is sooooo soft and smells of coffee. Yum. This may be my eyes wanting to see it, but I feel that the redness in my arms has already gone down. I can’t wait to see how my skin will look after a few more scrubbings! I definitely recommend this product. You can learn more about Frank at, or follow Frank on Instagram @frank_bod. Did I also mention that shipping is free? I know Frank wants to get dirty with lots of other girls out there.



There are few men who can get me out of my clothes upon a first encounter. Frank is that exception.


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